Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What Was That?!

Monday morning, I posted my first post on this blog in nearly a year. The reason I did so was because Sunday night's SURVIVOR SERIES was the best SURVIVOR SERIES I remember in years, and it got me excited for wrestling for the first time in a good long while. So going into Monday Night Raw, I was expecting big things, or at least good, fun matches and segments.

After watching Raw, I am left scratching my head, wondering what in the world I just watched.

From start to finish, this week's Raw was a train wreck. There were so many failed and poorly executed ideas going on here I'd almost swear they brought in an entirely new writing team for this dreck.

Let's see what we had here in theory.

1. Daniel Bryan in Power.
2. All of Team Authority Screwed.
  a. Concessions Kane
  b. Rusev Battle Royal or Pledge to US
  c. Mark Henry vs. Ryback
  d. Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose
  e. Seth Rollins teaming with J&J Security against Cena & Ziggler
3. Larry the Cable Guy Hosts
4. Fandango Returns
5. Big Show's explanation
6. Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee
7. The New Day's non-debut
8. Adam Rose and the Bunny... again
9. Mizdow with stunt championships.
10. The Anonymous GM

Daniel Bryan is a fan-favorite character, but his goofy grin just kills anything he does. He stumbles over his words, and he was given a terrible set of actions for this night. He could have been utilized a lot better here, but instead it was all a big joke with no real consequences for the Authority sympathizers. Plus, maybe it's just me, but when his wife is a heel, it kind of kills some of his momentum for me. It shows that he is cool with her being that way, and damages his own character in my mind.

Team Authority was not screwed here at all. Yes, I know Bryan said he was going to be fair, but come on! There were no consequences whatsoever for any of them really. Let's break them down.

Kane had to run a concessions stand. A fake concessions stand where all the food was already in servings. The customers didn't even pay for the food because "Kane couldn't get the cash machine to work." Very poorly done. And of course it ended with mustard and other condiments on Santino and Kane himself. It was just an awful segment that wasn't the least bit humorous.

Rusev was supposed to either defend the US championship against the entire roster in a battle royal, or be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag. Sgt. Slaughter coming down and guiding him and Lana was well down, I'll admit, but in the end, there was no punishment for Rusev because he still didn't have to follow through with either of the repercussions. Fail.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback was a punishment... okay. Did we forget Mark Henry is bigger, stronger, and has fought him before? The match was so unbelievably one-sided it took me out of it. And Ryback's fierceness was killed by his joke segment with Concessions Kane.

Harper vs. Ambrose was decent. Not the best match these two could have had, but overall I enjoyed it. And Bray Wyatt interfering was done perfectly. This one gets a pass.

The fans voted on three possible teams for Seth Rollins to have as partners, and the choice was obvious. I like Noble and Mercury as The Stooges 2.0 (aka Patterson and Brisco). It's funny and yet they can still go. So that part of it was fine. Two things I didn't like about this match, though, were the ending (which I'll get to later) and the fact that while Cena could destroy J&J, Ziggler got beat up repeatedly by them. Thus killing what momentum Ziggler had coming out of SURVIVOR SERIES. To Cena's credit, though, in the backstage segment when Ziggler was giving credit to Sting, Cena jumped in and pointed out Ziggler was key to that match. I appreciated that.

Larry the Cable Guy is not my cup of tea. Coming out in the mask was mildly entertaining, but his jokes fell flat for me, and were ill-placed. When will the WWE learn that fans NEVER like celebrity guest hosts? He and Santino were just very un-funny every time they came out. It was kind of sad, and I certainly won't be seeing their movie.

Fandango actually re-debuted during the SS pre-show, but this was his official re-debut. And I was bored stiff. Rosa is always boring, and Fandango lost any charm his character had before. He was supposed to be kind of goofy but still pull out wins. Now he's trying to be tough and it just doesn't work for me.

Big Show proved once again that he has absolutely no idea who he is or what he's doing. They flip-flopped him again, and instead of just being a big, bad heel, he was a whiny little girl talking about his feelings. It just doesn't work. And why didn't he have repercussions? And now we're getting another big guy vs. big guy set up with Rowan. Sigh

Brie Bella, who has been a face and has been forced to be Nikki's slave the past month, turned heel on a dime, but still subtly last night, and continued that tonight. Out of nowhere and with no reason or cause. So AJ fought her and lost thanks to Nikki. The only good thing about this was AJ calling the Bellas exactly what their characters are.

The New Day was supposed to debut this week. Nope, didn't happen. Fail.

Adam Rose and the Bunny part 50 it seems. This needs to wrap up now, it's getting old. And I never liked it to begin with. Though the bunny is funny. It's going to die once that mask comes off, though. And Larry the Cable Guy and Santino just made it even worse.

Mizdow is great, but the stunt championships thing just came across as confusing I thought. This has to lead to a break-up, but I really don't know how that's going to go over honestly. But it was okay.

And then we have the Anonymous GM. Why, why, why would they EVER go back to this? This was one of the most hated periods in WWE history. It's stupid, annoying, and over-done. Just quit! And the repeated and incessant chimes and lights flickering to end Raw as Cole chuckled like a 3 year old was just an awful ending to an awful show.

Where was Sting? Why didn't Team Cena confront Big Show? What happened to the writing team? When did Justin Gabriel become a clown? Who cares about un-funny backstage segments and celebrity hosts? How do we recover from this?

Your guess is as good as mine...


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